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After trying to make money from taking online surveys and using PTC (paid to click) sites, I've finally decided to become a self employed writer. I find being a writer to be rewarding. It feels good to share your personal advice and knowledge with others while gaining followers and friends online.

I love writing about business and finance, health and exercise, food, games, entertainment, travel, and the places I've been to. Out of all of the above topics, my favorite and strongest topics would be writing about personal finance and travel hubs. I love the idea of earning passive income for the rest of my life, theoretically.

So, stop by sometime, I'd love to hear from you. I add new content daily. Visit one hub, many hubs, or comment on a hub. I love to get feedback to see how good I am progressing at Hubpages. If you really like my hubs, become a follower. Followers will be able to easily access and get news about future hubs.