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Vicki Carroll

Hello and welcome!

I am now a certified aromatherapist following retirement from a 40-year career in the legal field (paralegal and consultant work). I received my B.S. in Political Science from Millsaps College, but more importantly, I received my B.S. from the School of Knock Outs, my Masters from the School of Hard Knocks, and my Ph.D. from the School of Get Back Up Again. I am passionate about environmental causes and enjoy photography and writing.

If you love to read topics on a plethora of well-researched subjects such as the natural world, alternative/holistic medicine, music, human relations/ positive psychology, then I think you will like my Hubpage. And for lagniappe, you'll get a bit of poetry and flash fiction.

I sincerely hope you find a nugget here to carry with you.