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Anna Weber

Anna Weber—Author, Speaker and Literary Strategist—has been serving the publishing industry for close to two decades. Her passion extends to the aspiring first–time author who, as a service professional or accomplished entrepreneur, and has a key message or story to share with the world. Unfortunately, as happens frequently, they have most likely hit a brick wall when it comes from taking that idea and moving it to become a successfully published and promoted book that allows them to be highly compensated for “leaving their mark on the world!”   Anna’s broad-view programs are based on the premise that knowledge is power, and that the little things you don’t know prevent you from experiencing success. Each program focuses on how to gain visibility and actually get books written, published, and marketed to a perfect audience who will be most receptive to the book’s topic or message. Her greatest results have been in taking aspiring authors - and moving them from idea to inspired action - to positively and meaningfully impact the world in their expanding visibility and expert status.