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Amanda Severn

Amateur artist, art historian, and more than eight years as a property professional. As writers, our life experiences tend to dictate the subjects we choose to write about, so it will come as no surprise that my favourite topics to explore are Art and Property.

My interest in Art has led me to both buy, and sell, paintings by other artists over the years, and my hub on researching old paintings and prints has proved very popular, and hopefully, helpful! I recently followed this up with another hub on different aspects of the same subject, and if you are looking for some more great tips about art research, you can find them by reading my articles.

Just recently I have been concentrating my energies on articles about house prices. Coming as I do, from the south-east of England, I began my research locally, but the tidal wave of interest in this subject has led me to expand further afield. I intend to cover the majority of the Uk by the time I finish. That's if I don't run out of steam first! Counties already covered include Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Kent, Essex, Devon, Cornwall, and Oxfordshire

To date, I've published over 60 hubs. Dig in, and you might be surprised what you find here!