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Ankandhk Loves to write on Business Management  terms, Education, Technology, Health issues, Lifestyle, Science etc.

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1. Comparative analysis of marketing segmentation, targeting strategy between Pepsi vs Coca Cola in Asia (Bangladesh)

2. About Joint Stock Company - definition, types, procedure of formation

3. Contents of Memorandum of Association


1. Action research in English spelling : an overview of English spelling related problems


1. All 177+ awesome / useful Windows run commands full list

2. Top five Hybrid Cars in 2010

Health issues:

1. Vuvuzela spreads disease and causes health problems


1. Literature Review: factors in selecting drugs in Zone of Inhibition (part 1)

2. Factors that affect zones of inhibition and zone of inhibition analysis (last part)

3. Why do people lie | why lie can not be negligible ?

4. Human mind control and it's all powerful techniques



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If you have a lots of dream don't just keep it, make them happen. @Ankandhk (Me)


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