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Anne Carmichael

I am working to change things for the better. My job? To save lives and change hearts and minds. I work for the Vitae Foundation. We use Right Brain research to produce, print, broadcast and digital messaging that encourages a greater respect for human life. I’ve spent a lifetime as a non proft executive leading with life. If I had a mission statement it would be: “To live with integrity, work for justice as well as to love, honor and protect my family, till the end of my days.”

I'm also a mom recently turned 56 and finished 6 halfs and 1 full marathon in the last 8 years.

A favorite pass time of mine is dabbling with social media. I've been blogging for over 7 years (not as much lately) and developed a readership that at one time spanned 88 countries according to Wordpress. I enjoy spending time with family as well as cooking up great wholesome things for us to share.

So that's how I roll. Stay well and make it the best day ever!