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Audrey Howitt

I have had a varied career. On HP, I post my poetry mainly. But in addition, I am a trained opera singer and maintain a private voice studio.

I sing classical music and am a voice teacher in the San Francisco bay area. As a classical singer, I have always been drawn to certain texts and not to others. And often it is the text that will determine whether I choose to sing a particular piece.

About 2 years ago, I started carrying a notebook with me to write in in between students. I had thought to work on a longer work--a short story or novella. But poetry was what started coming out. When I write, I hear the music of the words and how they fit together. And for this, I have to thank all of the long dead composers whose works continue to speak to me.

And just for fun, I am also a licensed attorney and a licensed psychotherapist specializing in performance anxiety issues.

I am slow to approve and thank those who comment on my work. I apologize. I visit the work of every person who comments--it just takes a while for me to get there--

I have a poetry blog out there--take a look if you are interested! Thanks!

I also have a singer's blog and am working on a website.

I also just started a legal blog! check it out!

Thank you!