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Live in the UK, happily married, and working for myself as a plumber and bathroom installer. 

Enjoy preparing and eating traditional English and French food and trips to France, whenever we can; so more and more of my writing is about holidays in France, French hotels, ferry crossings and the channel ports.

Many years ago I worked in consultancy and training so I know a bit about what makes people tick, at work and at home.

All that will keep me writing for a little while, but you'll find a few other random subjects I'm interested in - mainly connected with health, outdoor activities, travel, cameras and gadgets, radio control cars, trucks, boats and planes, and Nottingham, my home town.

Why am I here? I wanted somewhere to write miscellaneous "stuff" where somebody else would take care of the hosting and Adsense, and so on. If it makes money, great. If not, well I hope I'll be leaving something worthwhile for people to read.

I've been making money online for a few years, more as a hobby than a business, but it would be great to earn half my income online, say, within a few years. So you'll find a few articles about internet marketing.

Away from HubPages, read about baking cakes, radio control trucks and cars, , plumbing, showers and more.