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Most start off their profile by saying who, or what they are.. I am 40-something, and haven't quite figured that out yet.  The only thing that I'm sure of, is that I am where I am supposed to be - right here, right now.

I can tell you what I like, and what I love.

I like earthy things,nature, earth tones, the smell of fresh cut grass (even though I have terrible allergies)... puppies - or any baby animal, insect, or even plant :-)  I brake for squirrels, slow moving Robins, and even butterflies.... that should give you a fairly clear picture of my personality "type".


I Love to share things that mean alot to me.  I'm not one to talk much about myself unless I think that it will help someone else in some way.  I Love to make people smile - I'm sort of an introvert, but I will go against my own nature to smile at someone that looks like they've had a hard day - and the reward that I get back 99% of the time, is a radiating smile -- I just love that.  I love the Lord most of all.....

I am thankful for life, health, family, and friends.

I am Glad that I found this community at Hubpages - you are all so wonderful and unique - I really enjoy reading your pages, as well as hearing from those that read mine.

God Bless you all!