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Suffice to say, I am a woman of many faces, diverse tastes and vast experiences all coexisting rambunctiously within my humble being; much like you I would imagine (tongue in cheek). I like to think that I’m just an original. Only I am me, in all my glory (and sometimes not so glorious self, wink)!

My writings on Hubpages start with My Extended Stay. As well, I have my blog that I just started at, and I write sometimes at; a website that Celebrates Women.

I would enjoy knowing that you read my hubs and other articles, so feel free to leave your comments if you find that any of my tips or my tale (wink) strike your fancy. Remember to rate UP my articles here on hubpages if you like them, and also do visit me at the two other websites listed above.

There are several hubbers with whom I've become fast hub-friends; namely my girl Chris Eddy111 and Micky Dee. You'll also find more of my hub-friends listed below under "callmefoxxy followers." Their writings may also be of interest to you, as they are to me, so check them out too.

BTW - If you want to monetize your website, promote your writings, and make some extra money online, check out my hub called Understanding Make Money Online Blog Monetizing Words & Acronyms. Besides that, the few decent companies that I use respectively to do that are Chitika, Adsense; SheToldMe; and Opinion Outpost. Maybe they'll be helpful to you too. Good luck with your writing. Blessed be, and love to all., my pen is a mighty sword!