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Cynthia Calhoun

Cynthia got her start in writing and digital marketinng here at HubPages. It has helped to launch her online career and for that, she will always value the important role it has had in her life.

She has a master's degree in Spanish and occiasionally writes articles about learning Spanish.

But...these days she's a graphic designer and digital marketer.

She's an INFP personality. This means that she has lots of interests that wax and wane over time.

She enjoys working on websites, including a few of her own.

She's always had a soft spot for the arts, for literature, for language, culture, and spirituality. She writes daily haikus and goes for long walks.

She has published two books: a coloring book called "The Tree of Life: A Coloring Journey" under her pen name, Cynthia Sageleaf. She's also published "The Tree of Life: A Personal Development Journal."

She still writes over here at HubPages, too, from time to time. You'll find that her articles have a lot of variety, to go with her "multipotentialite" personality.