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Chuck Nugent

I am recently retired after having enjoyed a career spanning a number of areas from being an air navigator in the Wisconsin Air National Guard to stints in banking, IT consulting, management and teaching all of which, including a couple of economic downturns and layoffs, have provided material and ideas for my writing.

I have been writing for HubPages since September 2006 a few months after the site launched. Seeing an opportunity to both indulge in my writing avocation and make some extra money at the same time I joined and began writing. Among my many interests was holidays and their traditions so my first Hub published on September 22, 2006 was about the then new Internet holiday OneWeb Day.

Others soon followed on a variety of topics - holidays, history, economics, travel, cooking, book and movie reviews, and even some fiction. So far I have published close to 700 Hubs. Some have done and continue to do very well while others not so well. But it has been a great learning experience as well as an opportunity to meet and share ideas, comments and useful criticism with other writers on HubPages. It has also provided a stream of extra income which has enabled my wife and I to do more traveling (which has provided material for my travel Hubs).

In addition to a wonderful life I have been blessed with a great wife, four wonderful children (now adults) and, to date, three beautiful grandchildren.