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Shelley Watson

Favourite Quote: 

" You can't do anything about the Length of your Life   - -    but

you can do something about its Width and Depth."


Life is a Matter of Attitude, so Have a Good One  :  

I have an eclectic range of interests, but presently writing on psychology, health and wellness, frugality, and alternative healing.

I'm a coffee lover, avid reader, follower of the world of finance, player of iPad games, love the peace and quiet of the bush, the enthusiasm of the young. 

Wildlife, travel, helping people with everyday dilemmas, and the ebb and flow of water, be it the sea or a river are special joys.  

Born in Cape Town, raised in Zimbabwe, travelled all over Southern Africa, from Zambia, to Mocambique, Botswana.  Love Europe, hoping to get back to the States soon.

Always loved flying as my father had a plane.  I learnt to fly a glider when young and thoroughly enjoyed the sport - where else would you be able to share the same thermal as a bird? 

I have advanced training in child and family counselling, counselled in trauma, grief and some 'not sure what I want or where I am going" counselling too!

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