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Glen Nunes

The Origin of Doc Sonic: I originally created Doc Sonic to write about things like comics and b-movies, while I did my "serious" writing elsewhere. To my surprise, one of Doc's first movie reviews was awarded a Rising Star accolade, and shortly thereafter Doc Sonic was invited to join the very first group of participants in HubPages' Apprenticeship Program.

Completing that program required me to widen the scope of topics I wrote about, and as a result I now do nearly all of my HubPages writing - "serious" and otherwise - under my Doc Sonic account.

About Me

My name is Glen Nunes. I live on Cape Cod with my wife of 30 years (who, incidentally, was also my High School sweetheart). For most of my adult life I worked as a Programmer-Analyst, until Multiple Sclerosis forced me into "early retirement" just a few years ago.

In addition to being a writer, I'm also a musician and songwriter, and I dabble in art and illustration, as well. My profile pic is a self-portrait done in graphite, and several of my hubs contain my own illustrations. I'm particularly proud of the soundtrack to my video hub about endangered species, which is also my own composition.

Most of all, I love to learn. The universe contains an endless supply of wonders, and my goal is to learn about each and every one of them.

My Writing

My writing reflects my wide range of interests: science, history, music, pop culture and more. I also write about space exploration on my original HubPages account (GD Nunes). HubPages asks us not to write on the same topics with multiple accounts, and I began writing about that topic as GD Nunes long before Doc Sonic was created. If the subject of space exploration interests you, check it out.

I hope you find something that I've written to be interesting and informative, or that it helps take your mind off the worries of the day for a little while. If so, then my writing has been a success.