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Doreen Mallett

Jamaican, experienced IT Professional and Project Manager with over 15-years experience in two large and leading organisations in Jamaica; over 12 years as IT Consultant and business owner; 10-years experience as computer programmer / system analyst in three firms in Jamaica.

Outstanding ability to build teams that are goal oriented, innovative and focussed towards expected outcomes.

I am personable, open to ideas, exposed, a good team player. I am educated, trained and trainable, a native speaker of English, having a high degree of proficiency in the language. I do a significant amount of reading each week, partly for pleasure but also for personal development. This enhances my ability to create content and to edit other people’s work.

I have written two e-books, the first “Your Favourite Jamaican Recipes” has been published on Kindle, and the other is currently being edited. The latter is about setting up a business in a difficult economy, and chronicles my own experience. I have also written a children’s activity book for ages 8 to 10, which I am planning to publish in the coming year, and I continue to blog from time to time. Of late I have been trying my hand at short story writing – romance. Since this is still somewhat of a secret their only judgement of quality is my own and that can be of little regard as objective opinion. I do however think that some of them are quite good. I have significant experience in creating business reports, user documentation, training manuals and other administrative writing.

Objective : Freelance Writer / Editor ; Freelance Project Management Contractor . I create content for websites, edit and re-write content produced by others, create articles and blogs, conduct research.