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Edwin Clark

A native to the core New Yorker, I've been fortunate to be able to travel extensively to Asia for business working in the travel industry as a consultant.

My passion is writing, photography and of course wandering and exploring Asia.

I spend most of my time in Bangkok, Thailand where I manage and run a travel website called Bangkok for Vacation. As the name implies it is an informational website for visiting one of the most vibrant and lively cities in Southeast Asia. There you can find an updated travel guide with information on where to eat and shop in Bangkok. And if you need to find a hotel in Bangkok with discounted rates you can find information for that as well. You can even watch my video reviews of hotels on my hubs and on my Thailand for Vacation Youtube channel.

Before working in the travel industy I was a consultant for the telecommunications industry, particurly in the international prepaid call card sector where I was running independent reviews of all kinds of Internet based prepaid calling card companies. You can find my work on Phone Cards Reviews for a list of the Top 10 Reliable Calling Card companies there.

I enjoy sharing my experience through words here on hubpages (where I earn a bit of cash too). And you too can write and share your experiences as well by joining Hubpages for free.