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Fotinoula Gypsyy

28 years old; double BA in Psych + Sociology; minor in Anthropology; of Greek ethnicity; speak Greek + Spanish; Living every moment up! I am in love with my life and I'd LOVE to help anyone else fall in love with their lives too :)!! I absolutely love music, it is my passion, I secretly love to sing, lol, and it can fix my mood in a second.

I love to write, and am interested in many, many various and random topics. I wrote a lot when I was younger, but unfortunately something happened that discouraged me from writing for many years, but now I am back:)! Thank you hubbers for encouraging me to write again.

My work reflects that of my life and what I see around me. I am no expert at anything, just at living my life, my way! ;) I have always been an observer, I like to look around and take in everything around me! I am very into fashion and pretty things. I am into all sorts of different stuff so I will be writing about whatever I feel like it. I LOVE to read and feel that you can NEVER learn enough.

Well, thanks for passing by ....Hope you enjoy my hubs!! :D Leave a note if your cool ;)