Rachel Koski Nielsen

My name's Rachel - I've been "Farmer Rachel" since 2010.

I've managed the farm at a living history museum with my husband in Pennsylvania, had my own small farming business in Minnesota in which I sold produce, lamb, and pork, raised sheep, pigs, goats, chickens, and calves, grown a market garden and been a seller at farmers markets. I've been a gardener, dog trainer, and homesteader. I used to drive horses, make cider & wine, and tan hides.

Currently I manage my own gardens and practice small homesteading skills on my 20-acre property, complete with my ugly, cozy house in Minnesota.

I have a masters of science in applied psychology. In my farming adventure, I've become a mental health practitioner on the side, and it turns out I like it, and see a career for myself in the field. A different field from what I'm usually talking about, if you'll pardon the joke.

Is a return to "farming for money" in my future? Almost certainly. I think it's in my blood. But I need to come at it from a different angle the next time around.

I'm still Farmer Rachel. I'm also Rachel, mental health practitioner, M.S., millennial & feminist, and I have more to say and share.

I thank you for visiting my page and my articles.