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Gary Holdaway

Father, Fiction Author, and Freelance Writer

Hey all, I'm a young freelance writer from the UK with big ideas, and an even bigger passion for words. I'm not sure how old I have to be to ditch the 'young' part of my bio, so don't ask.

I started my writing journey right here on Hubpages, but have skipped around the net for a number of years while I found myself and figured out what I wanted to do with this 'writing stuff.'

I enjoyed a level of success at fiverr, collecting over 50 five-star reviews for my client work, and have built a number of blogs on various topics. And now here I am, back again. For good this time.

I have a passion for fiction, self development, psychology, philosophy, and fitness.

I'm a proud father of two enjoying a 50/50 custody arrangement with my now separated wife, living in rural Lincolnshire with an awesome girlfriend and my family!

Here on Hubpages I intend to share articles on all my interests and passions, from parenthood to the stoicism of the great leaders throughout history.