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Hawaiian Odysseus

Aloha, everyone!

In Hawai'i, there's a concept known as talkin' story. As old as the hulled-out canoes that brought the original seafarers to the archipelago's virgin shores, the ancient means of passing vital information from generation to generation took the form of songs and chants.

As a little boy growing up in the islands, I have sugar cane sweet memories of weekend luaus, the delicious food made even more palatable with the ambiance of simple people sharing aloha and laughter and the most beautiful music that has ever graced this earth. The singing was pregnant with harmony, mythically compelling and mesmerizingly enchanting. I listened to the stories within the songs, delighting in the way they blew kisses in my ears, yet reserving the true savoring of those melodies for moments much later in my life, rousing them gently from their comfortable nestling in my soul. Comfort me now with nostalgic recall...I need you to sustain me in my loneliness.

I am the richest man on earth for having experienced that Pacific magic.

So here I am today, 61 years removed from my island genesis yet never without its alluring siren grip on me. I landed my canoe on the HubPages shore some 19 months ago, and I take up residence today in a cove near you.

And at any given moment, you can hear me call out to you...

E komo mai, e noho mai, e 'ai a e, wala'au.

Welcome! Come in and sit with me. Let's talk story for a while.

Aloha and mahalo!

~Hawaiian Odysseus