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Howard S.

I have an M.A. in Linguistics and more than 30 years experience in writing, editing, translating, teaching and consulting. Before freelancing, I was Publicity Writer and Copy Editor for a large international organization, and was Content Administrator for more than a dozen Web sites worldwide. If I can assist you professionally with your writing and editing needs, feel free to contact me. On HubPages, my writing focuses on contests and challenges, but I can write in styles to suit various audiences, so tend to pick up whatever seems interesting or unusual.

Winning Hubs:

Checking Tire Pressures for OEM & Aftermarket Wheels & Tires

My Daugher's Getting Married: The Wedding Budget

Some topics about which I have hub series:

Hub layout (advanced techniques, how-to and why-to)

Language (languages, observances, writing, editing, etc.)

Cars (how-to, DIY, refurbishing old foreign sports and racing them)

Asian countries (since I have lived there, but am now back in the USA)

Personal Finance, the topic of the January 2011 contest, where my entries won three times


"Picture perfect. As good as it gets. Interesting read. Judged by the article reviewed, Howard is an experienced professional writer who excels in his chosen genre..." -Website Examiner