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john duignan

A former ‘Sea Org’ member who made good his escape from the cult in July 2006. He subsequently wrote his account of his twenty years ‘in the fold’ published in 2008. In The Complex Duignan describes his life in the paramilitary group at the core of the Church, the Sea Organization, and how he narrowly evaded pursuit by the Office of Special Affairs. He looks back on the 22 years he served in the Church's secret army and describes the hours of sleep deprivation, brain-washing and intense religious counselling he endured, as he was molded into a soldier of Scientology. He talks about the money-making-machine at the heart of the Church, the Scientology goal to’ Clear the Planet’ and ‘Get Ethics In’, and the punishments meted out to anyone who transgresses. We follow his journey through the Church and the painful investigation that leads to his eventual realization that there is something very wrong at Scientology's core. John returned to education in 2008 and achieved a BA (Hons) in English Lit and Italian Language and Culture. He spends as much time in Italy as he possibly can and otherwise walks the dog on the beach and writes when he is cross about things.