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I love to wirte. My purpose is to assist people in their lives in any way be it with work or health or personal development or even just plain old enjoyment. I hope to be able to share that with you here.

As for some background: I have quite a different set of knowledge and experience. This, I feel, is what makes my interests so wide and varied. Let's see, I have a degree in civil engineering, qualifications in Specialized Kinesiology and lots of experience in research (of companies, industries, countries etc). Now, I focus on writing. 

I do some freelance writing, I've authored a book for freelancers (Freelance Wise), I blog on personal development (Life Made Great) and am in love with Mauritius (Mauritius Beaches). My latest - and really exciting venture - is the development of a wedding planner calendar. Check it out: For the Bride

When I am not writing I am spending time with my boyfriend, my dogs, nature, yoga, books and, well, all interests.

Kind Regards,