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I am a lover of classic literature, an online writer, and an English teacher. I have taught in many different venues, but these days I run a business teaching Comprehensive English classes for homeschool students. I get to do fun, interesting things like teach class around my dining room table, Skype in students from the other side of the country, and indulge my love for 19th century novels.

I am also working on a series of Homeschoolers Guides to classic novels, which are available on Amazon in both print and eBook formats.

Here is my author page on Amazon:

I live in Santa Cruz, California, a university town on the beach, with my husband Matthew, and our teenager daughter. Our college age son pops in when he takes a break from studying hard. I have a Bachelor's Degree (A.B.) in English Language and Literature and a Masters Degree (M.A.T.) in Teaching, both from Smith College, Northampton Massachusetts.