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Kristine Manley

I have a love for the outdoors, in particular, the beach. I enjoy fishing too, don't like to cook that much, and love to swim. I like to encourage people to follow their dreams. I am the author of the award-winning book, Resumes for Children - 17 Years Old and Under, which is a collection of resumes of children who developed their skills, abilities, gifts, and talents to obtain licenses, certifications and more. A resume for a child is a great self-esteem booster, and a wonderful addition to their academic report card.

Children are like plants, if you add good mental, physical and spiritual food to them they will grow and blossom.

My new e-book, The Fragrance of a Girl's World, is available on my website.

I also enjoy writing on speaking, new things I've learned, topics that will encourage and uplift.

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