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L McCarter

25/F/Mi, does that make me look old? :) I am a single mother/divorcee who works entirely from home as a freelance writer (if you want to call it that, I've been on board on my current project for over a year now and it isn't slowing down one bit!) for a major adult entertainment company. Typically, I don't add the adult part when talking about my profession but I am not going to hide on here. I've had some interesting years since reaching adulthood-- I got married at 20 on a whimb and moved half way across the world to South Korea to do so. I've lived all over the US but reside in the midwest. I have an incredibly explorative 2 year old son named Sebastien who is defenitely the best decision I ever made. He also has a fantastic sense of humor and is a complete lady killer. I have worked from home for 3 years now freelance adult writing, constructing SEO articles, and dabbling in ecomerce. My major has changed from psychology to journalism to emarketing & I'd be happiest if I could just merge the three together. I buy literally just about everything I need via the world wide web and know tons of shopping resources due to my reselling ventures. It's 2013 and people still seem to have a hard time grasping the fact that I... "probably got it online".

I believe in positive change, growth, and improvement.& I beleive everyone can do it.

This blogs focus is around: trendy frugal living, discount shopping, making money from home, motherhood, and what ever else I find and can't stop myself from sharing.

Let's begin our beautiful friendship.