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Marc Goodin

As co founder of Storage Authority Franchising Marc is now helping others make their dreams come true! 

Marc Goodin is uniquely positioned to provide unusually simple information you need to increase your profits.  At a very young age he not only learned the importance of a good product but also the importance of good communications, a great marketing message and campaign.  Long before the Internet he would go to work with dad, a real estate developer.  At age eight he cleaned up after the construction workers and learned the importance of marketing.  To this day he still remembers one of his dads marketing campaigns that filled up his dads 300 apartments long before the competition.  “Gateway Apartments, where your neighbors are squirrels.” 

As a civil engineer and owner of an engineering company he learned the lifeblood of the company depended on skilled people and marketing, especially if you wanted to be an industry leader. Not only did you have to do an outstanding job but also you had to find a way to let everyone know they get more than their moneys worth when they buy from you.

Marc designed his first self storage over 20 years ago and dozens more for many clients since then.  He presently owns two self storage facilities in the United States, he designed and built.  His first personal international self storage facility was recently built in Canada. Again he designed, obtained the approvals, built the facility and manages the facility.   His expertise and experience with management, ownership, sales and marketing in the business world and self storage is clearly evident in his writings.

Marc has learned about self storage and marketing from real life experiences and his street smarts continue to expand everyday. After reading hundreds of marketing books full of general theory he decided it was time to put his experiences form the trenches in to a book for self storage owners and managers. He accomplished his goal with several easy to use guides and a specific how to, hands on marketing book, complete with examples, tactics and ideas that can be implemented immediately for more profits.