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Matt Leo

Writer Walking Cartoon. Poet. Free Thinker. Novelist. Root Beer Addict. Hubnugget Award Winner.

I am the co-author of the zombie apocalypse novel, "Zombies Don't Ride Motorcycles" and author of the poetry book, "Death and Other Musings".

I have been a writer since all they way in the 2nd grade where I won a creative writing award for an adventure story about terrorists rappelling through a McDonald's skylight. Yes, I was the hero of the story. ;)

I was also a restaurant employee, then manager, of two different chains for over 20 years. Much like Adam Richmond from Man vs. Food, "I've held just about every job there is in the restaurant business." I've done it all, seen it all, dealt with it all. I feel that those 20 years were not wasted. I studied restaurants in a way that most employees don't. Not content with the status quo, I often tried to shake things up a bit, by offering ideas and created out-of-the-box solutions to our everyday business problems. I have seen hundreds of changes to the fast food industry, and been a part of implementing those changes. I marvel at how the business continues to evolve today. I hope that any of my articles will serve to help new and veteran managers hone their craft and become the best managers in their restaurants they can possibly be.