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Maxwell Scott Goodman

Father, Husband, Familly man. Marketer by trade. Gamer and experienced life enthusiast.

I started blogging and writing mainly as a hobby and passion. For context, I had a tough life growing up. Not much luck here, unfortunately.

I had to deal with quite a lot of bad stuff in my young age from health issues to bullying and depression. I had the chance of finding my one love during my studies at university and I thought that everything was past me at that point. This is when I lost my father is were the depression sank in even more. I really did not see a light at the end of the tunnel nor an end to the tunnel. I eventually married my wife, then had a near divorce, indebted myself to a point where I ended the month with bread and water (while skipping a meal here and there) and was on the brink of total collapse.

This was a couple of years ago.

With the help of my family, my wonderful wife and some of the most mind-opening stuff out there, I managed to turn things around. We now have 2 wonderful kids, a happy marriage, enough money to secure our finance and a bright future ahead. Of course, we still have ups and downs but the glass of water is now half full.

Knowing that I am not alone in this, I want to share my story and use my experience to help others out there through different articles, stories, and guides covering personal finance, life issues, and professional bits of advice.

I will of course also write about my passions! PC gaming, mountain biking, and traveling :)