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Helen Kramer

Although most people are inclined to keep their opinion to themselves, I tend to say out loud what others only think. I don't mind embarrassing myself for entertainment purposes & I take great pleasure in expressing the hard core truth about awkward situations. My sarcasm has become so advanced that people actually mistake me for being stupid. I cherish these times and relish in my sarcasm. My writing leans towards a style of comedic realism that conveys my tendency to thrive on change. It is derived from an intensity that rises out of the moment. I express my emotions through words that hopefully create passion & inspire the reader. My ability to write has always been a valuable coping skill. I lean on my creativity for comfort & sanity by conveying my emotions into words.This key element remains a constant in my life. Hopefully when you read my articles, you will draw your own conclusions, knowing that these are simply my own personal opinions. I look forward to sharing my passion with the world, one article at a time. I enjoy writing for Hubpages, and I promise you, my articles will always be entertaining, educational, thought provoking, and humorous. It's time for everyone to stop taking the world so seriously, & time to start laughing at themselves and the blatant irony of life.