Natalie Newman

I was born in North Carolina to an entrepreneurial mother and a hardworking father…

My mother ran her own home daycare for about 15 years before she passed unexpectedly in 2005. She continues to be my strength and encouragement even though she is gone. My father worked hard in the airline industry for about 15 years. Things changed tremendously after 9/11 and with the passing of my mother and his remarriage, we eventually moved to South Carolina. He instills in me drive and ambition. He showed me what happens when you work hard, respect others, and give kindness.

I returned back to North Carolina and found home in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains in the most western part of the state. I graduated cum laude from Western Carolina University with a BSBA in Marketing and a BS in Hospitality Tourism Management. I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Entrepreneurship program there.

I have worked in the casino industry for four years. My current position is focused in account development as a senior executive casino host in the casino marketing and sales division.

In my free time I work on my online boutique that I co-own with my former colleague and good friend, Stephanie. I also dabble in content development, social media marketing, and writing. I live with my husband and our four furry babies.