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Patrick Kamau

I deeply agree with the saying that a journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. I took my baby steps a few years ago not knowing where I was heading. What was on my mind was that I wanted to write. I have kept on moving despite the challenges encountered.

Hubpages is a good place for people with a dream and an interest in writing and for those who want to create an avenue for online earning. Hubpages is also frequented by those searching for useful information from the Internet. For the period of time, I have been on this writing platform, I have written quite a number of hubs that have already been read over 5.5 Million times! It is your time now to have a look at them and give me your views and opinions.

In hub pages, you learn something new every time you log in. You can also be a member, joining is free. Success is for those who work hard and are ready to persevere.

Good luck in your endeavors and enjoy your time at Hubpages. You can also sign up and join the fun.

Our hard work and determination will give us the success we yearn for.