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I am a trial lawyer. Words are my trade. From the moment I stand up in a court room, to the moment I sit down, they are all that I have. And as I stand before skeptical judges poker-faced juries around the country, words are all I have in my arsenal to ask them – people I haven’t met before and never will again – to believe me, to see things my way, to cast their decision in my favor. Because if they don’t, I lose; it’s that simple.

I have won many cases, and I’ve also lost. But in most of those cases, it’s been the words I’ve used, the way I’ve strung them together like pearls on a string – my speeches – that I think what mattered in the end. I have spent my life in the court room making speeches, tirelessly thinking about them, relentlessly improving them. I’ve also listened to countless speeches. And I want to share with you what I’ve learned, and help you give better speeches, presentations, lectures, and toasts, in a way that stays true to you.