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Rip Wrapp

Where I came from

Long ago I funneled my unhealthy obsession with numbers into math. That turned into finance. And that turned into a quest for financial freedom. Since then I’ve worked to learn more about how money works, and how I can make it work for me.

A little about me now

Now I’m working towards financial freedom. This means learning new things as well as saving and investing for my future. My excitement has been leaking out. I’ve talked so much about it to family, friends and colleagues that I’ve started getting questions. Answering their questions has turned out to be as much fun as learning it all in the first place. Here at HubPages and at my blog Retirement is Possible you’ll find answers to some of the questions people have asked as well as new things I’ve picked up along the way.

What I write about

I write what I’ve learned. That means how to manage money. How to go from broke, where I started, to having a secure future. This includes how to set up a savings plan that works, how to earn more money and how to invest for your future. And occasionally I’ll write about something else, but usually personal finance.