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Hi everybody,

My name is Rob. I live in North Central Florida near Gainesville where I've been writing for several years. I try to keep my subject matter geared toward the self help arena but lately I've been writing on many subjects. My main topics vary, from land investing and development--to business careers--to woodworking and more.

On Saturdays in the fall, I can be found watching College Football with friends and family. I also enjoy gold panning in the Georgia Mountains. There I can get away and gather my thoughts and dream up new writing projects. I have written two self help e-books: purchasing land and construction permitting.

I am also a Platinum writer on, but I especially enjoy writing within this community (Hubpages) as much can be discovered about virtually every subject imaginable. I have found the hubbers here to be friendly, knowledgeable and helpful--I trust you will too. If you'd like to join and share your expertise or start making money online, you can sign up to Hubpages right here