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I live in England and am a typical English rose, who loves all the quaint English things about England.

My Hubs fulfill many functions for me:

- As an outlet for self expression & creative writing.

- As a way to earn monthly passive income.

As a result my portfolio of Hubs is eclectic.

I love travelling and experiencing other cultures and I love world music - anything relaxing or that makes me want to dance.

Currently, I work in a fashion shop and love to help people look good in what they are wearing.I have written articles on fashion and also ones which aim to help women declutter and create a wardrobe that reflects their lifestyle.

I love Paris and have written about Parisian style and how French women create a chic and minimalist wardrobe.

I also have a blog called Chic and Minimalist Wardrobe.

In 2009 I lost both of my parents within 6 weeks of each other, my mother to breast cancer and my father had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) I wrote a hub in response to my grief and also a hub on sources of help and advice for anyone in the UK newly diagnosed with MS.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles.


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