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I have been a Realtor for 18 years. I owned my own RE/MAX franchise in Colorado which I sold for a nice profit in 2008 to pursue my true passions, writting, photography, and expanding my horizons by helping others. Real estate remains a passion of mine and I am currently licensed in California. My name is Wendy Williams and my DRE license # is I am with My blog is called RTimes because these are our times and my name was already taken by another blogger.

I am a published freelance writer and popular blogger. I am an expert in social networking. I have alsodone professional photography for over 30 years which I have enjoyed immensley. I am currently working on several book ideas some which I will explore in my hubs. I have been looking forward to blogging and am excited to get started. I thank you in advance for reading and commenting on my hubs. I will answer any questions that you submit to me and value our hubber's community. Your feedback is priceless to me.