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Greetings one and all, Peter here! Do you love writing? Well you should. After being an active hub author since 2009, I love writing about video games, saltwater aquariums, and also government fraud.

The Internet is such a great place for ideas, information exchange, and it's better than going to the library. When was the last time you went to the library? Well, you've probably been there zero times in the last decade. Am I right? Yes.

I also love writing kids fiction books, you know stuff like fairies, magic, wizards, and secret realms within a secret realm. I'm waiting for a publisher to publish some of my books so I can be recognized across the world. Once published, I want to share the money I make with homeless people. I want to build a charity to help people who really need a home and food because the government is never going to do it!

I'm happy that one of my 10 year old featured hubs is still in the top 20 pages of search results on Google for that niche.

Thank you for reading about me.

Have a warm and pleasant day. :)