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Jacob Horning

Thanks for visiting my profile page!

I'm Jacob, a 28 year old male from New York. I run a Web Design and SEO business and write articles in my spare time for fun. I love comments, so please be sure to leave a comment on my articles if you found them interesting. I chose HubPages to blog because I love writing about a variety of topics and HubPages lets me write about almost anything.

If you have any questions regarding one of my articles, please don't hesitate to comment or send me a personal message.

I have five years of experience in SEO, seven years in website design and programming, I've made hundreds of sales on custom t-shirt marketplaces, I've got a facebook sales group with over 30k members and pages with over 100k likes, my Twitter has over 50k followers, I've made over $7,000 dollars on Fiverr, $3000 on Adsense and over $40,000 dollars on eBay. So, when it comes to making money on the internet, I have a vast array of knowledge in dozens of different venues.

Follow me to stay updated with all of my new hubs! I spend around 4-6 hours total on each hub I create so you won't be disappointed with my content.

Thanks for reading!