Summer Rees

I am a freelance writer/blogger with a lot of ambition and heart. I became immersed in creative writing long after graduating from college and working in my studied industry (Human Resource Management and Business Administration). Having written a number of professional business documents throughout those 3 years I longed to write pieces with more creativity and style. I realized very quickly that I wanted to get into writing as a full-time gig. I immediately signed up for all the creative writing, blogging, and freelance writing courses I could find. To my surprise, none of it even felt like work. I began freelance writing and never looked back!

I began my blog, SpiritedSoul to write freely about the topics and tools that helped me become a healthier and happier person. I have always been an advocate for self-improvement and continuous learning and love to share my research and knowledge. If I can help even just one person feel happier, or more confident in themselves, then I know my work is worth it.