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Teodora Gheorghe

I am a published author, teacher, and astrologer who absolutely loves art and creativity. Occasionally I draw, paint and sing. If I could go back in in time, I would like to meet Charlie Chaplin and witness the rise of a new era.

I've have always been drawn to spirituality. I often ponder over the hidden meanings of life (and the afterlife), trying to understand how things work. I’m an overthinker, which is both a blessing and a tiresome 24/7 job.

Other things that I love: foreign languages, animals, nature

Experience and Education:

I did a lot of creative writing, wrote poems, short stories (both in Romanian and in English), translated texts from English to Romanian and vice versa, cultural journalism (theater/movies/book reviews, events, interviews) and collaborated with numerous cultural magazines, as well as having texts included in anthologies: Best of Mystery and Horror – Suspense Magazine, Zeeler’s Boumerang – Sci Fi Gazette Anthology.

I graduated from The University of Bucharest - the Faculty of Foreign Languages, with a Major in English literature. Two years later, I graduated from the The MA Programme for the Translation of the Contemporary Literary Text.

I took a course in screenwriting at the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography.

In 2004 I was awarded second place in the National Creative Writing competition, organized by the British Council in Romania. In 2012 I received the "Best of" Award at the National Poetry Competition "Incubatorul de condeie" ("The Pen Incubator")

My first book, „Moartea era un iepure şchiop” ("Death was a limping rabbit") was published in 2013 at Karth Publishing House. In 2014, it received a nomination at the „Mircea Ivănescu National Poetry Prizes”.

My second book, „Întâmplări despre niciodată - 7 povești neobișnuite despre singurătate” („Once Upon Never- 7 Unusual Stories about Loneliness”) was published in 2018. A third book awaits its publication.