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"It's evident that we can all support each other in many ways, and that is as it should be."

Hi, I'm Chandreia a woman, mid 40's, and divorced. I am a mother and grandmother, who's aggressively ambitious, happy, warm, giving (to a fault) and an insatiably loving person. I have always worked hard and given every employer 100%, but deep down inside I longed for the opportunity to advance in my career thinking that hard work and doing everything right would help me go far...I WAS WRONG. It seemed that no matter how much knowledge I packed into my brain, or how many new things I learned to do at work to make things easier for my employers they never saw the benefit or what I was worth. Watching others advance within a company where you have done a great deal and others have done very little can be frustrating. It's very hard to believe that you will advance in that type of environment. So, I quit...because it's been my experience that when you put inexperienced people in a position that requires knowledge and continual growth, 9 times out of 10 the company will experience a lot of unnecessary difficulties. Especially when said people don't even care about the quality of the work they are providing. So, I bid a hearty Good Luck to them all. I was fed up with the life that I had, so I chose to create the life that I wanted. Being a digital nomad is a life that I could get used to. I am here to share my experiences along this journey with hopes that it will empower others out there like me, who feel stuck. Those who feel as if they have put in all that they could for an employer or a specific career and still have not received the recognition, better position or higher pay with the company. Those out there that are feeling the way I used to feel before I broke free. My only intent is to inspire others especially women to LIVE LIFE NOW!!! So please, come along with me in my QUEST for the nomadic experience.