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Drew Overholt

My passion is photo editing and all things Halloween. It is quite the combination! I am lucky enough to hold a job in the Halloween industry that requires some form of image manipulation through the work week. I wish to extend a helping hand to people with tutorials on how to edit their photos to make them the way that they want them to be. I take requests for tutorials on how to do something if someone comments or reaches out to me. My dream is to become a popular YouTube/Twitch streamer, but that is a long, LONG way off from now.

So you want to learn Photoshop.

It's cool. Most people want to but don't know exactly where to start! Photoshop users range from the day to day scrapbooker, the internet junkie, or the serious business dude. But fear not! within the confines of my hubs will be various tutorials on a wide variety of topics. There's a lot of things to cover in Photoshop. So make sure you learn the basics first! It might start off slow but trust me, it's worth every second to understand fully.

Why I do what I do

I wish I could have had the help when I first started. Learning everything by yourself is really stressful and sometimes you might not quite "get it". But, my struggles will make you avoid the mistakes and learn the things that I have. So bring up some of my hubs,read, and learn!

Questions, comments, concerns

If you want me to do a tutorial on how to do something, leave me some fan mail and I should have one up within the few days following. If you need help on something specific (and it's related to a hub of mine) don't be afraid to ask and leave a comment on my hub.

"The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking that this is its last day on Earth. But, I think that's a luxery, not a curse."