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My husband and I live right outside the resort beach town of Ocean City, Maryland. We were very fortunate to move here six years ago from the always too busy, Washington DC area. We have no regrets and have not looked back.

I love to read and writing allows me to use my creative side because you start with a blank page and hopefully create something that others will like or find useful. I have been working on my writing skills, website creation and learning here on Hubpages. I have made a whopping 78 cents so far this month which is a painful clue I am in obvious need of sharping my skills. I would like to make writing a career in which I also earn some income. I have no desire to get rich from writing, but 78 cents a month just won't cut it.

We live three miles from the beach where we spend lots of time enjoying the ocean breezes and sound of the crashing waves. We have three canine children: Sophie a Maltese, Millie a Shih Tzu, and Angie a Black Lab. Angie was a rescue and one of the best dogs I have ever had the joy to know. Please support pet adoptions and shelters any way you can. There are so many beautiful animals in need of forever loving homes.

If you love to write and have lots to share, sign up to be a contributer here on Hubpages.