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Regina Harrison-Barton

Hi and welcome to my hub page. I am a retired Professinal HR Manager by trade and a professional photographer. I also an advocate for children and people with disabilities and special needs. Truthfully, it's more about being an advocate for adults who may have disabilities, but a lot more of capabilities than most employers give them credit for.

3 years ago I began volunteering as a Guardian Ad Litem for abused and neglected children. It's difficult to see what happens to them, but worse if you do nothing. Being a volunteer gives them their voice back and the opportunity to be heard.

Last year, I was looking for a way to publish some ideas I had for writing and came across Hubpages. I was pretty excited to be able to post my writing and get feedback from other hubbers. It's important to be straight with people and I was looking for honest feedback. I stay super busy between working, volunteering and living. But, I do try to cut out time for hubs too. I love the venue and hope you enjoy my hubs. Please feel free to leave me comments. I love hearing your feedback.

Professional History: I have been in Human Resources Management for 20 years. Working in the industry of Retail, Manufacturing and Hospital.

I have always enjoyed writing. I am by nature a very realistic type person. I believe that the majority of the people in this world want the truth from you and rarely appreciate sugar coating the facts for them. I have a lot of interest in the law and am very much a problem solver.

My goal one day is to become a writer. I am not a very fictional person, but do enjoy writing about Self-help, Parenting, Domestic Abuse, of course the "Carwash story" aka Real Life experiences, Employment help and other areas of the HR field that I may be of assistance to others in.

I am always looking for constructive feedback, so please read my hubs and let me know your thoughts.

I hope you enjoy them!

My profile photo is a picture of my Grandmother. I loved her dearly and miss her very much. I get my olive complexion from her and my dark hair. Since I take photographs, I am rarely in any. I have very few photos of me. They call me a younger version of her. So, I decided to honor her with the profile photo.

My Grandmother Welborn was awesome. She was a pistol of a woman and had a lot of spirit, joy and happiness in her life. She told it like it was and gave as good as she got. I guess, thats what reminds family the most about myself and my grandma. I am very much the same.

But, I will add, that I love helping people. I enjoy meeting new people and learnign their stories. The homeless people are fascinating to me because their stories are sometimes so remarkable. It's a journey that you take when take the time to sit beside a complete stranger and speak with them. I take those journeys often. I believe random acts of kindess should be a tv show that they air everyday so that there is a joyful channel on tv that lifts you up and makes you smile. Something that inspires you to want to help others and give back without being recognized for your gift. I believe God does love a joyful giver. Because he joyfully gives to us everyday we breathe and wake up to our families.