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VationSays...(Freelance writer)

...Joined hubpages because it's one of the few good places where I can connect and share with writers from across the world. I'd say its a pretty nifty community :) ...

I love writing. Especially about life issues, things I've been through, and reviewing brands and products. I speak my mind. Not because I am loud, but because I believe that one can't just blindly follow the masses. 


I question social norms and set orders. Not because I want to debunk them, but because I want to understand them. After all, we're not puppets, we're human :)


The world always has interesting things to study and read about, many cultures to analyse, business practices to study and societies to understand...

My articles are based on research on anything from society, the business world to self actualization.

All my hubs are biased towards my opinion, but I do try to be as open-minded as possible...


I hope you enjoy reading them...and feel free to leave a question, response or comment on them...i'll be sure to reply.