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WoW Guide Master

Hey there. I started hubpages with the intention of writing guides about World of Warcraft. Over time, I have realised that there are so many things I would also like to write about.

My line of work is hospitality, and my current line of study is business.

I write about things I either sincerely know a lot about; or things which I have spent a good deal of time researching. I prefer to use many sources of information, as my worst fear is to write something that is not true or misleading. So if you find anything in my articles that you know to be incorrect; please let me know!

In the first two years, I wrote very little; so my income from hubpages is small. That doesn't matter, its a pretty fun hobby albeit sometimes tiring and time consuming. I intend to write a lot more from now on and would appreciate any ideas you have!

Now get hubbing!