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Wrench Wench

Hello Hubpages! I'm going to be your WrenchWench for this life time adventure. I plan to fill this boob-tube with plenty of exciting and informative automotive hubs, which isn't always an easy task. There's plenty of things I can tell you about your car, truck or van, but not all of them are inheirantly interesting or especially exciting. Despite those challenges, I'll do my best to bring you interesting hubs all about the easy, hard and darn-near impossible issues, problems and fixes you need for your vehicles. We'll talk about DIY and professional repair issues, buying and selling cars, diagnosing your vehicle problems, tools, toys and car accessories, as well as other useful tidbits of info. If you ever have a quesiton for me, or want to see your issue specifically covered, feel free to leave me some fan mail, a comment on any hub or send me an email at acceleratedauto @ gmail dot com. Your question or need might just be featured in a hub or become a hub just for you!