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Yaseen Essack

My name is Yaseen Essack. I am an avid reader with a great passion for the English language. I utterly enjoy writing about topics that interest me e.g. politics, lifestyle, literature, business, management etc. I try to provide carefully researched and grammatically correct articles so my readers can gain some value from them. I also write alot of opinion based articles but I am open to debate and alternative viewpoints. Much of my work is about society and how narrow minds have corrupted the world. I will delve into topics that many people do not agree with or just do not like to hear but it is my duty. On a lighter note I am an animal lover, especially dogs so my readers can expect some animal related articles. Ethical and truthful writing are of the utmost importance to me and I vow to only write with integrity and objectivity for the most part. I am not a social media fanatic as you will see in some of my articles but I have always got time to listen to my readers so feel free to contact me.