I began my adult career alternating between motherhood and racing in the legal environment for over 30 years. After a journalism and writing degree in my 40's, I realized I had a compilation of non-fiction material everywhere, so deciding it needed to have a voice, I self-published my first book. In 2021, after retiring early from working in a law firm, I decided to follow my passion of writing. At some point in your life, you have to decide to stop being a statue and "live." Get on that swing, get your shoes wet in the rain, and you'll never know if french fries are good dipped in ice cream unless you try it!

Born into the service life of the Air Force in Louisiana, life has taken me to Idaho, Hawaii, Nebraska, South Dakota, and ultimately to Missouri where my late father retired. My passion is writing and has been since my early teen years. Why? Because almost everything in life is related to both positive and negative effects of language. HubPages provides an outlet to be obsessive with the art of language.

I applaud all of you who make the use of language into something artful, meaningful, useful, practical and productive. And to all of you who use language as a method of expression, you create joy not only for yourself but for readers as well. And remember, everything you say and do is a product of how and what you think.


Favorite quotes:

"A word is the skin of a living thought." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

"A man who does not think for himself doesn't think at all." -- Oscar Wilde


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If you want to use or copy any portion of my work published on HubPages, please obtain permission first. Thank you.

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